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The themes and venues of bachelorette parties are changing fast. A Bachelorette party is celebrated by hanging around with the girls a week or a few days before the wedding. The celebration is kept simple with a meal, some drinks, gossiping and entertainment. However, just like destination weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, the hens party has started following this style.
Travel agencies offer reasonable travel packages for destination parties. These establishments take care of booking flights, suggesting the best locations and sending you and your guests off for a bachelorette’s weekend. Before you decide on travelling elsewhere for the party, consider the budget. Planning a wedding requires a lot of funds, so make it a point to save some money to host a memorable hens party.
Here are a few destinations for a bachelorette party, you can research and decide on:
Fly to United States and party hard!
There are great locations in the US if you plan to go with your closest friends for a hens weekend. You can Google for hens night packages offered in these areas. Many locations are recommended in websites for a hens weekend trip. You can travel to Queensland or Miami beaches to party hard with your close friends. The nightlife is amazing with lights and parties in these destinations. Spending quality time with friends and creating new memories is a great way to celebrate your last weeks of being single.
Spend the weekend in Europe
Barcelona is a lovely destination to travel to with your friends to celebrate a hens weekend. This lovely country offers amazing hens night packages for all of you to enjoy. Moreover, there are lovely sites to see, amazing beaches to enjoy and visiting the Catalan city. Ibiza is another lovely getaway destination for the bride-to-be and friends to travel to. The nightlife is an amazing atmosphere and a great location for partying and clubbing.
Amsterdam is a stunning destination for hen tours. The scenic beauty and disco lounges in the city will really make your last week of freedom memorable. Apart from that you can tour astounding historical sites.
Rejuvenate, relax and spoil yourselves
Luxury Spas in Australia are one of the best options for bachelorettes who wish to party and pamper themselves and friends. Making arrangements for the wedding for months can tax you immensely. The beautiful sandy beaches of Maldives offer great spa centers for a calm and soothing weekend.
Alternatively, you may travel to Bali with your friends for a different experience of spa options available. These include using coconut husks or seaweed, etc. in their spa centers. Enjoy the sites, hospitality of these tropical destinations and have a fabulous hens party or weekend before the big day.