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Everyone has heard of escorts and the majority of people have an idea of what services escorts provide, if only a vague idea. In fact there is probably a fair few people who have engaged their own escorts in Brisbane, high class escorts in Sydney or even attempted to find an escort in Adelaide. Wherever it is that you have become acquainted with a sexual professional, there are some things regarding the health safety of this profession that you may not have found yourself considering.
Some concerns that are generally associated with sex workers such as escorts and prostitutes are those concerns with regard to violence, concerns of human trafficking and of course, medical concerns. Although street prostitutes tend to be at a much higher risk of violent encounters than private girls or escorts it is not completely unheard of that an escort is violently attacked during her professional endeavours. The homicide rate for female prostitutes in the United States has been estimated to be around 204 per 100,000 however male prostitutes are less likely to be violently attacked.
It is estimated that an enormous seventy-nine per cent of human trafficking reported is for the purpose of prostitution. Human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution also known as sex trafficking, is thought to be the most common and fastest growing form of modern slavery and is predicted to outgrow drug trafficking in the criminal industry. One of the most sickening parts of sex trafficking is that children are also sold into the global sex trade. Children that are orphaned are at a high risk of this occurring, but children are also kidnapped and in extreme circumstances are even sold by their own families. Unfortunately as sex trafficking is underground and illegal in nature it is unknown how many women and children are forced into prostitution, as a result it is particularly difficult to fight this epidemic. Thailand, Albania, Nigeria, China, Belarus and Ukraine are countries from which people are commonly sourced for trafficking purposes. Though this concern may not necessarily be related to best private escorts in Gold Coast and it is a major concern for the sex workers industry.
Medical concerns in the industry of sexual professionals are most prominently sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). In some countries contraceptive methods are not used due to spiritual and religious beliefs therefore making the prevention of communicable diseases next to impossible. In some places the spread of HIV has been linked to prostitution and as a result of this some of these places have banned prostitution completely. Other preventative methods in place in some places are the introduction of a registration system for sex workers ensuring mandatory health checks are carried out and education designed for prostitutes and their clients regarding the use of barrier protection and health care. Private girls and escorts in European countries are less likely to contract STI’s due to readily available barrier contraceptive devices and education. Though these concerns may not be prevalent in the life of high class transgender escorts in Melbourne & Sydney and in other privileged societies, these are risks and hazards that are an everyday occurrence in the sex worker industry in some countries.