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Poverty has different definitions in people in different countries. For a developed country like United States poverty is not about the hunger and depression but it is somehow more than that. In developed countries hunger is hardly witnessed. For them poverty is about not enjoying the comfort to meet their basic requirements. While in developed countries poverty is from the roots. People are not even able to fulfill their basic requirements of food, cloth and home. In developing countries like India people living under poverty line are deprived of food and roof and they sleep in hunger. You can find small kids sleeping in hunger and they are not able to get two times of bread in a day. This is not the only case, they have no roof to cover their head they still sleep in the stations and slums with no one to take care of them.

You can find people begging on road and having no other job opportunities. Here the fault is alone of the ruling government of the country. They are the one responsible for such conditions. They should take care of the people and give them job opportunities. Since they have no job opportunities and they have no options therefore they end up doing wrong things like theft and all, whereas for women in developing countries case is much worse. They have no place to go, no job to work with and they end up working in brothel in Gold Coast. This is the worst thing that happens to a woman.

If you carry out the analysis on the reasons for which these countries are suffering from such poverty level then you will find out that there are enormous reasons of which population growth is the main cause. Developing countries have rapid growth in population leaving many people deprives of employment and home. And reason behind this is the illiteracy among people. People are not educated enough to adopt a family planning and develop sustainably. Education is the root of development of a society. It is the responsibility of the government to take care of it and make sure that each one of their citizen is given opportunity to educate themselves and get civilized. If education level of these developing countries is improved then there will be no time that these countries will emerge as a developed country. There should also be gender equality in the country and equal opportunities should be given to both the genders. Women have equal rights as men do then why not bring it in practice. Education brings civilization and civilization leads to development. Poverty is a disease which must be eradicated in order to develop the nation as a whole.