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Amidst our busy schedule and plans, we often forget how much we’re tiring and not paying enough attention to ourselves. Sure, you wake up and look presentable for work, but once in a while you need to pay attention to yourself and try to relax. Listed below are four things you could do once or twice every week that’ll bound to make you happier and feel a little lighter after a week of heavy work. 

Start a hobby

Now starting a hobby is a goodway to fill in your free time, a hobby not only makes you happier but it calms you as well. For instance, if you like painting, doing this once in a while will be one way to release all the tension and stress of work. You can have multiple hobbies, and even try something new every other week if you feel like it. Learn to play an instrument, join a dance class, understand the art of a massage Hong Kong or learn to sing. Reading books is also a great way to escape reality and enter a world full of your own imagination. 

Go on long walks

Taking long walks is an excellent method to relieve stress and free your mind. Whether you take a walk alone or do this with someone else, you’re bound to have a good time and let your mind wander. Let’s not forget how healthy and beneficial it is as well. Walk your pet dog every other day, it’s good for both of you! 


Have a workout routine to follow, this will not only maintain your physique but despite how old you are, physical activity on a regular basis creates a happier and healthier you. A few benefits of exercise are; helps fight illness and disease, helps improve your mood and mental state, creates a boost of energy. You can exercise at a gym or even in the comfort of your own home, it all depends on you and what you feel is best! 

Treat yourself

Treating yourself doesn’t necessarily always mean shopping or buying the shoes you’ve always wanted, it could mean going out for a three course meal, getting a haircut or even getting a body massage. There are a number of several ways to treat yourself and make you feel happier, if you feel like it’s been a while since you last treated yourself, go ahead and do so! The factors listed above are four of the simplest ways to feel happier as we all need to take a break from the ever moving world once in a while, to feel better about ourselves.