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One of the topics surrounded by mystery and taboo is, for sure, the female escorts in Sydney! Whenever it is mentioned it immediately rings bells about sex and money. But is it really what this is about? As a matter of fact, the concept is not so much about selling sex but rather company…Contrary to prostitution, it is a legal business in many countries which implies that someone is hired to keep you company for some hours.

Nowadays, both men and women are exploring the possibility of using this option. But why would anyone even think of hiring a temporary companion? Actually, in times when it isn’t easy or expected to invest in relationships, there are many reasons one could think of: Just imagine that you are a successful business person and, due to your activities and your rank, you have to attend many social engagements. It won’t be good for your status if you show up alone! This seems particularly true for female executives who want to avoid the hassle of answering undesired questions! In this case, it results more practical to attend these reunions with a male partner! This also applies at family gatherings, although it may be rare. Tired of suffering from your relatives’ nagging? What about “introducing” your “mate” next time you visit them in exchange for the right amount? Regarding male customers, their approach is quite different. In this case, it isn’t so much about what others might think if they are seen dining or attending a function alone. They rather take advantage of the fact that they are on a business trip away from home to have some fun. They don’t fancy going to a bar to flirt with a stranger since there may be some unpleasant consequences .They are more direct about it. It is much faster to hire a call girl and be assured to receive a professional and discreet service! It could take an hour or the whole night depending on the affinity between the two parties and the gentleman’s wallet! It’s been long proven that man, by nature, isn’t good at handling loneliness. While some of us may think that it is cynical and others even immoral to trade one’s presence for money, we are talking about two consenting adults who are conscious of what they are doing. And sometimes they even develop a special bond although they shouldn’t get confused and fall in the trap of mixing things…This isn’t about being romantic!

In conclusion, it is wise to keep an open mind about relationships and the way we handle them…Nowadays we are all living in a contradiction. Technology, which has made such a progress in the last few years, is setting us apart instead of getting us closer! While we are able to reach anyone at any moment of the day and anywhere thanks to our computers and smart phones, we find it difficult to relate to one another on a more human level. It is amazing to observe how some people would feel more comfortable opening up to someone whose presence they have contracted rather than taking the chance, let say, with a friend, a colleague or a neighbor. So it could be said that companionship is a valuable commodity today!